Problems are inevitable in any retail business, troubleshooting operational problems in retail meat operations are part of management’s duties.
Poor Sales or % Store Total
Dirty Case: Check cleaning schedule and method.
Employee grooming and customer service.
Case prices, check competition and use of cutting tests.
Case layout, make sure the case is set as per company policy and
authorized variety is maintained with consistency.
Stock condition, make sure case is ready for business at opening and
completely stocked during busy times, 4:30 pm to 7 pm.
Check advertised specials, make sure they are adequately
stocked over the entire ad period…have a rain-check policy
and use it.
Product freshness, make certain all fresh product is FRESH, with
good eye appeal and clearly priced.
Code dates and broken vacuum.
Make sure all ad items are signed.
Customer refund policy is being followed.
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