Organize Your Office

Despite our best laid plans our office/workspace gets messy from time to time.

A) Take a look at your storage for accessories.
Are you still using a coffee can to store pens and pencils?
There are unique and creative accessories available at any good office supply store.

B) How is your filing system doing?, paper or paperless?

Most of us still struggle with, and prefer, “paper” docs
Take 10 minutes to go through them, and get rid of what you no longer need.
Take the time to CLEARLY mark file holders, i.e. receipts, reports, projects, purchases etc.
Purchase a DESKTOP DOC BOX and use it exclusively for current unfinished projects for easy access.
Color coded tabs are available to easily identify “project docs”

C) Our desks get cluttered enough without printers and scanners.
Buy a small stand for this purpose with a shelf underneath for paper and inks.
Hopefully you have a wireless printer to reduce the dreaded “wires jungle” associated with computers and all the peripherals!

D) Do you dare look inside your desk drawers 😕

Empty yours and deep six the things you clearly don’t need.
When you know what you want to keep, return it to the drawer using a desk drawer organizer.
Office stores carry a wide variety of organizers in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and styles.

E) Emails…ah yes!!


Saving or deleting on a daily basis is the only way to go!
Create name folders for saves.

Keep your desktop clean and free of “paper piles”
Just like emails attend to and shred,  or place in a “to do” box on your desk.
Make sure the “to do” becomes “done” by weeks end, it should be empty  Monday morning.

Walking into an organized office is a head start to a good day!
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