Cutting Test Procedure

Cutting Test Procedure
Proper Meat Cutting Test Procedure

Regular accurate physical meat cutting tests procedures are essential in retail meats.

To Start:

The cutting table must be clean and empty.

Clean empty lugs (one for each type of ground beef you feature and one each for fat & bone)

A cutting test spreadsheet on a laptop is the optimum way to record weights, prices etc.

Or use a clean sheet of paper (data can be added to computer spreadsheet later) to record the following:

Original Weight Of item being tested-use weight from packers box- this is the weight you paid for.

Test at least 5 of each item to be tested.

I always use basic cuts when doing cutting tests, especially if more than one meat department is involved, a merchandising cut that sells in one store may not sell in another.

When items are cut they should be wrapped first (if a self service operation).

Save all fat, bone and trimmings in their respective lugs.

Record starting weight, cost/lb, cut weights from packages and retail prices, fat weight and bone weight.

You now have all the information you need to compute the resulting gross
profit of your cutting test.

A cutting test spreadsheet makes life much easier for such projects!!

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