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This site is dedicated to help for Retail Meat Operators, specifically  Independent Supermarket operators of retail meat shops in Independent  Supermarkets.
It covers everything relating to retail meat operations and includes articles helpful to supermarket operators.
After a lifetime in the retail meat business, this has been my contribution, 95% of which was  free, for about ten years to the trade I enjoyed so much.

I cover every facet of operating in the non-chain environment, I found out the hard way how different and difficult it was to change the mindset and methods from those of mega unit chain stores to independent market(s)

The approach to advertising, pricing, shrink, inventory, merchandising, customer service etc MUST be  totally different as an entrepreneur.

All this and more is covered plus available MS Excel spreadsheets to track and ensure a profitable retail meat business.

There are hundreds of articles and resources on this site, zipped (where applicable) for easy download.

I have to make the decision after 10+ years,  to convert the site into a membership site.
I now need a little help because  affiliate income, which helped with costs of running and maintaining the site, has been more and more inconsistent the last few years
The cost of membership is minimal, I figured $15 a year would be fair, this is just to cover the costs.
Thanks to all my long-time readers and supporters for their encouragement, some even suggesting $15 is way too low, however,  it was never my intent to make money from the site,
I hope everyone understands!!
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I hope you enjoy and benefit from MeatnPlace.net.

I will add some thoughts and/or suggestions here on a regular basis.
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