Management Should Consider:
Preparing for the possibility of tampering or other malicious, criminal, or terrorist events assigning responsibility for security to knowledgeable individual(s) conducting an initial assessment of food security procedures and operations, which we recommend be kept confidential having a crisis management strategy to prepare for and respond to tampering and other malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions, both threats and actual events, including identifying, segregating, and securing affected products planning for emergency evacuation.

Including preventing security breaches during evacuation becoming familiar with the emergency response system in the community making management aware of 24-hour contact information for local, state, and federal police/fire/rescue/health/homeland security agencies making staff aware of who in management they should alert about potential security problems (24-hour contacts) promoting food security awareness to encourage all staff to be alert to any signs of tampering or malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions or areas that may be vulnerable to such actions, and to report any findings to identified management.
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